What we do

Small change is a Belgium-based advisory and training company that provides short-, medium- or long-time support to its clients for all aspects related to change management and human resources management. For this, we focus both on the internal functioning of the client’s organization and on the interaction with its institutional environment and its stakeholders.
Small Change does not discriminate: we work for big and small organizations, public or private ones, Belgian ones or organizations in other parts of the world. This is because we believe that on a strategic level, challenges within organizations are largely generic in nature and always related to human interaction and incentives for change. Some of the services provided by Small Change are highlighted below.

HR Scans
Organizational and institutional analysis
Customer relationship scan
Stakeholder relation analysis
Employee motivation surveys
Workload analysis
Business Process Analysis
Risk Analysis
Sector Governance Analysis
Formulation of projects and programmes
Communication plan
Transition Plan
Development of a Theory of change
HR development plan
Organizational risk management plan
Workshops & trainings
Coaching & mentoring
Monitoring & Evaluation of projects and programmes
Process & procedures (re)design
Staffing proposals
Strategy Development
Internal and external communication
Job descriptions

Where we worked