How we work

We analyze

We take the time to get to know our clients and listen to their problems, questions and expectations. This ensures that we understand the real challenges and the results they are seeking before we start looking for solution.

We use existing expertise

In many cases these solutions already exist to some extent inside the client’s organization. But because of hierarchical barriers, suboptimal communication or sometimes a lack of skill, the people aware of these solutions are not always capable of obtaining the necessary traction for their ideas. Small Change works with people across functions and levels and in that way helps to unlock the potential of the client’s organization.

We support and facilitate

Small Change complements the knowledge and experience already existing within the client’s organization with our own expertise that we gained in numerous other contexts and organizations. During the assignment, we focus all our energy on one specific client. That is why we avoid taking on multiple assignments simultaneously.
Small Change does not provide subject specialists but facilitators that can help our client in its change processes. However, we don’t make the final decisions because we respect our client’s right to run his business or organization as he sees fit.

We care

Our commitment to our clients does not stop once the invoice is sent. We like to keep in touch and hear about how our clients are doing. Not because we want to secure a new contract but because we genuinely care about what happens in the client’s organization after we leave. We are also keen to improve the way we work and, therefore, Small Change welcomes all feedback about the quality of our work.

Our Values


We maintain an independent perspective and always express the truth as we see it. We do so in a respectful way in order to preserve our relationship with our clients.


We always act in the best interest of our clients and we only take on assignments if we believe we can create real added value. We always try to establish long-term relationships with our clients based on mutual trust.


We make ourselves available whenever our clients are in need of our support. Their challenges are our challenges. We show maximum commitment for each assignment, independent of its budget or size.


We are eager to learn about the client’s work and to understand the challenges he is facing. We believe that consultancy is a two-way learning process and not one-directional transfer of knowledge. Therefore, we are highly receptive to new ideas.