Fans & references

Frank Geets – Administrator-General of the Flemish Agency for Facility Management (Belgium)

“Joris from Small Change facilitated the last strategic seminar of my agency. During this seminar, senior management reviewed the strategic orientations and positioning of the organization. Joris supported this process by providing strategic input and facilitating the debates. Joris’ profound knowledge of the functioning of public administrations allowed him to avoid a classical pitfall for consultants: to think that they know the organization and its core business better than the people working in it. This attitude created a lot of goodwill with the participants. Together with his no-nonsense and respectful approach, it helped the participants reach an agreement on the new strategy that will define the future of the organization."

Iris Raes and An Hulsmans – Owners of Pic Nic Del Mundo

"Small Change helped improve the speed of service in my catering company. This by helping to rethink the layout of my shop, shortening walking lines and clarifying roles and responsibilities of my team members. Because of this, my turnover increased by 17,8% almost overnight."